2021 Video conferencing lighting setup and Online meeting checklist

Ring Light as a video conferencing light with webcam

Ever since the pandemic swept across the country, companies have been going virtual. While Covid-19 restrictions and looming lockdowns made physical interactions almost impossible, business owners were still looking for the best ways to embrace their new normal. Needless to say, working from home presented logistical challenges like conducting meetings when everyone was scattered all around the country. But wait… there was a solution to this!


Start video conferencing!


Although not entirely a new concept, video conferences have gained momentum in the pandemic era. Granted, anyone may log into a Google Meet or Zoom account, but having a successful online conference is much more than that. This ultimate guide will give you a simple yet straightforward checklist that will help companies ace every video conference.


Factors That You Should Consider For Successful Video Conferencing

Factors like the video conferencing software, gear, and sound output are important in facilitating a successful video conference. High-quality video conferencing gear will help in facilitating better communication, streamline collaboration and improve efficiency. For instance, great sound is essential because it passes points across from one team member to another. Additionally, high-quality images are essential as they build rapport with the rest of the team members.

Zoom meeting and video conferencing setup with Ring Light

Here are other factors that you should consider:


Your Ultimate Video Conferencing Checklist

As video conferences are an essential part of conducting business in today’s world, business owners should prioritize their conferencing needs for a seamless experience. Here is the ultimate video conferencing checklist that will take your interactions to the next level:


  • Sound quality

As conference participants are communicating through video, they need to be audible enough so that they can be heard and get their points across. Sound quality should always be crisp-clear.


  • Image quality (webcam) 

No one wants to attend a blurry video conference. It will suck the fun right out of the interaction as details like body language and facial expressions will get lost. A 720p camera is sufficient. However, most conference participants aim for a webcam that can provide 4K image quality.


  • Video conferencing lighting

A video conferencing setup is never complete without good lighting. Just like the human eyes struggle to see when there is not a sufficient amount of light or gets affected by too much light, so does the same happen with Zoom light or any other kind of video conferencing light.

The end goal is to illuminate facial expressions, render realistic colors, and most importantly, achieve a high-quality video.


  • A video display screen

Investing in video conferencing hardware will allow business owners and their teams to enjoy top-notch conferences. Ideally, the size and type of the video display screen should depend on the number of people in the meeting.

If it is a large audience of people then a mobile screen may not necessarily suffice. Dual displays are best for large video conferences and a 4k television is a good fit for a small meeting.


  • A microphone

For the best audio conferencing function, a built-in microphone is necessary. It will ensure that those in the meeting get to interact with each other. That meeting participants are looking for clear audio.

However, when addressing large meeting rooms, conference participants may have to use microphone extensions to extend the reach of the microphone.


  • Video conferencing software

A successful video conferencing meeting is not only about hardware components, the software also plays a pivotal role in the success of a meeting.

In fact, it is the single most important component that ties everything together. Video conferencing software not only handles the heavy encoding but also ensures that the videos are portrayed in real-time.


  • Network bandwidth

A slow network will have an impact on the overall quality of a video conference. It is important to remember that the overall quality of a video conference depends on the available quality that the specific network can offer. The more participants that a video conference has, the more network bandwidth is required.

As video conferences are here to stay, investing in the right equipment is a no-brainer. By prioritizing digital communication, companies can achieve excellence in their remote work.



What are Ring Lights and Kodak Ring Light?

A ring light is an essential part of a video conferencing setup. It has the primary function of illuminating during a video conference. It eliminates the background shadows that often pop up during a video conference call.


Additionally, it will ensure that your webcam does not look pixelated. With a ring light, you can count on a clear and good quality video as glare wil not be present in the video.


With this kind of video conferencing lighting, wrinkles and light will not be present in the video. This way, conference participants can confidently draw focus on what they are saying without worrying about what their video looks like.


A ring light is that it is fairly easy to use. It comes with a holder that fits directly onto your screen or sits perfectly on the desk and then allows the screen to highlight the participant’s best features.


It doesn’t overdo where highlighting is concerned; by softening facial features, video conferencing participants will always look outstanding.


It is important to note that ring light size matters as it will determine how well and how far it can illuminate. For instance, if participants are in a small and well-lit area, then a small-sized ring light ought to do the trick.


However, in large spaces that are not well lit, an equally larger ring light is essential. No matter the size, a video conferencing ring light will offer an array of color options as well as a well-lit video. An example of the best ring lights is the Kodak ring light.

Kodak Ring Light as a Video Conferencing Light

Boasting a unique design, the Kodak ring light is designed with high-quality materials and provides flattering illumination. Apart from its aesthetics, the ring light’s main selling point is its versatility. The light is bright, portable, and can be used as a standalone feature.


The light will certainly make a big difference in video conferences. It will allow the conferencing participant to showcase a well-lit, professional video at all times. It focuses on the face in magnificent ways and makes it easy for all the video conferencing participants to focus on the best facial features.


It is an affordable solution for those who need a more expensive webcam because of better lighting capabilities or those who operate from under lit rooms.


All users should do is turn on their webcam and place the ring light in its position. Users can make adjustments until they are satisfied with the brightness level. Granted, different users come with different needs. But the Kodak ring light services users with different needs.


There you have it- the Kodak ring light is one of the most versatile, video conferencing lights. Regardless of the participant’s needs, it will always provide dependable lighting in all situations.


Plus, it can also be used for live streaming and doubles down as a reading light. It is adaptable and provides diverse ways to light up an online video conference.


In Conclusion

Whether it is a brief status meeting, an interview, a tutorial, or a weekly catch-up amongst employers and employees, video conferencing will always bring the masses together in exceptional ways.


As the remote working culture is upon us, it is clear that video conferencing is here to stay. There are no two ways about it; having the right video conferencing lighting and set up will help will redefine remote work as the world knows it.


After all, the last thing you want is a video that does not come across clearly or convey your thoughts and ideas in the best way. All you have to do is to check off the items on your checklist and light it up!


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