7 Tips On How to Use a Ring Light with iPhone

Mini Selfie Ring Light For Iphone

The technological advancements in the last few decades now make snapping exceptional selfies from mobile devices easier. But getting a perfect selfie from a mobile phone is pretty challenging, mainly when lighting conditions are poor or unnatural.

Fortunately, ring lights are a solution to this. It comes in handy in helping you brighten up your surroundings and eliminate the possibility of your photo being grainy, shadowy, dull, or unappealing. It is even more exciting that a ring light is compatible with all kinds of mobile devices, and iPhone users are no exception.

Let’s first handle some basics before we get into the details about how to use a ring light with iPhone devices!

What is a Phone Ring Light?

In a nutshell, a phone ring light is a circular-shaped lighting source that fits over your phone when you decide to take a selfie. An iPhone ring light highlights the details of your face by providing even light intensity. Besides, ring lights come in handy in eliminating shadows and unnecessary glares around your image.

But why should you consider purchasing an iPhone ring light? A ring light functions like a DSLR ring flash. It ensures that you get beautiful pictures from your iPhone by evenly lighting your images. Whether you are a blogger, a social media influencer, or anyone enthusiastic about good photos from all lighting conditions, a ring light is an excellent addition to your iPhone.

Selfie Ring Light for iPhone

7 Essential Tips On How to Use a Ring Light with iPhone

Getting the most articulate photos from your iPhone could still be a difficult challenge if you are new to using ring lights. You will need to follow the instructions carefully. Even more, you need a few tips to ensure that your photos wow your audience.

Among the top tips you would want to consider include;

·      Choose the Right iPhone Ring Light.

The first and arguably the most vital aspect of getting the best photos from an iPhone and ring light combination lies in choosing the best iPhone ring light. Although many options are currently available on the market, not all of them have the same functional capabilities.

A suitable ring light for iPhone should have high CRI, be free from cables, look flawless on your iPhone, be compact, portable, and incredibly portable. And when it comes to making an option, the Kodak Ring Light 10“and the Kodak Ring Light Mini 4” are viable choices for iPhone users.

The Kodak Ring Light Mini is highly portable and works pretty well on all mobile devices. You can use it with your laptop, iPhone, or Android device. Moreover, it can handle everything, including portraits, selfies, makeup, and online meetings. On the other hand, the Kodak Ring Light 10″ is a professional model for making clear and authentic video calls and YouTube and online videos. Still, it can handle snaps of all types.

·      Read The Instructions Carefully

Getting the best selfies or portraits from your ring light is dependent on how you understand the instructions. And as you will find out, each model comes with a unique set of instructions. Please take off your new attachable ring light from its package and read through the instruction manual carefully.

·      Set Your Ring Light on Your iPhone Correctly

Ideally, setting your ring light over your phone is another crucial tip on how you get amazing pictures from your iPhone. As we already noted, ring lights are circular, and you will need to set yours over your smartphone so that your camera lens appears within the middle of the light.

During the setup process, you will need to decide whether to use your front camera or the primary lenses at the back of your camera.

Set up your attachable light over the front camera if you intend to take selfies or use your camera for video calls and live social media videos.

On the other hand, set your circular light over the primary iPhone camera if you intend to use your camera for general photography, product photography, portraits, food photography, or makeup photography. Either way, centralize the lens and attach your light securely.

·      Choose a Good Background

Whether you are preparing to take selfies, a video conference, portraits, or a product shoot using your iPhone, the background is something you do not want to mess with. The kind of background you choose will depend on your personal preference, environment, and what you intend to achieve.

You can go for a contrasting or a complementing surface. Fortunately, ring lights offer incredible flexibility when it comes to background choice and suitability.

·      Look Out for Reflective Surfaces

Both professional and armature photographers and videographers often have to contend with the drastic effects of reflective surfaces. Reflections will result in annoying shadows and glares. Of course, these will affect the overall look of your photos or videos.

And while iPhone gadgets have incredible photo editing apps that you can use to correct the reflections, this is pretty unnecessary. You can get rid of reflective surfaces before you take your shots or record your videos. Beware of any reflective surfaces and position your camera appropriately.

·      Change Brightness and Color Temperature

Many iPhone ring lights feature adjustable brightness. This will play an essential role depending on the footage or photo you intend to take and the amount of ambient light available. The brighter your ring light, the more detailed and sharper your images will be.

Again, some ring lights allow you to control the color temperature. Thus, you can decide to go with cooler or warmer colors to meet your needs. Higher color temperatures are responsible for sharper and bluer whites which make your images have a daylight look. On the flip side, lower temperatures are more forgiving and softer.

·      Edit Appropriately

For models without many adjustment features, you can still achieve incredible shots and footage with some edits. For example, using an iPhone editing app of your choice, you can fill in shadows using bounce cards. You can also adjust brightness and color temperature through an app,

Ideally, attaching an iPhone ring light to your mobile device and switching it on alone is not enough to give you good results. However, taking into account the above tips on using a ring light with iPhone will make a big difference. Kindly choose your background carefully, check on reflections, color temperature, and brightness.

Taking a selfie with iphone and the kodak ring light mini

The Kodak Ring Lights

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