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Selfie Ring Light for iPhone

These days, smartphones are practically synonymous with photography; when’s the last time you’ve seen someone with a camera that’s not on a phone? The past decade’s technological advancements have allowed everyone to capture gorgeous, professional-looking photos with nothing but phones.

However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for improvement.Generally speaking, selfie cameras are weaker than the main ones, especially if you’re dealing with bad lighting. But did you know that you can change all of that?

Selfie ring lights for iPhone have been invented precisely for this purpose. They’ll amp up the lighting of your shots to an entirely new level, giving your smartphone videos and photos studio quality.


Better light for smartphone photography

If you want your photos to be among the best out there, relying on your smartphone’s camera flash and the natural light conditions just isn’t enough. For the most eye-catching imagery, you’ll need some artificial light — and these LED ring lights are the perfect portable solution.

Just like their name suggests, their circle-shaped LED lights — and they’re designed to fit around the camera lens of your phone. The result is similar to the older ring flashes for DSLR cameras — evenly lit, beautiful images, devoid of any dark areas or harsh shadows that have long plagued the smartphone camera flashes.


Using them is utterly effortless, too — you just clip them to your smartphone via the universal clip that comes with each ring. They’re compatible with all major brands — such as iPhone and Samsung. If you get the bigger light ring, the clip might also fit around your tablet and laptop camera lens as well.

When you clip them on, getting better brightness will be simple — you only have one button to think about on the selfie ring lights, and that’s the on and off switch. If you want to switch between brightness settings, you just tap that button as well.

Each ring light comes with dozens of individual LED bulbs. And the circular design and shape ensure that their light is evenly spread around the camera lens. You can also adjust the color temperature of the rings depending on the image tone or the mood.

Taking a selfie with iphone and the kodak ring light mini

Selfie Ring Light for iPhone

As we’ve mentioned above, these rings have a wide variety of uses — the main one being better selfies and group shots. They’ll allow you to take perfectly lit pictures with even subpar selfie cameras.

And there are plenty of other applications for these ring lights, too; many women use them to apply makeup on the spot in poor light conditions, with the bonus of a grand beauty selfie afterward.

Also, food bloggers frequently use ring lights to eliminate any shadows when they take pictures of their meals from above or other awkward lighting angles. Taking mouth-watering shots of your meals has never been easier for the foodies of the Internet!



Which should I choose? A 10-inch Ring Light or Selfie Ring Light for iPhone

If you’re wondering what is the best ring light for iPhone — you’ll find that both the 10’’ ring light and the selfie ring light have their intended uses. Getting a 10-inch light means being able to produce a softer light — thanks to its broader diameter. That means that a bigger light ring will definitely make for a more professional-looking photoshoot.

However, that’s great when you want to take someone’s headshot or another kind of close-up image with your phone’s back camera. But for selfie shots, the selfie ring light is (as the name suggests) a superior choice. It’s small enough to be easily portable; you can keep it in your bag or even a tiny purse without it bulging or feeling awkward. And then, you can take it out when you need to make a quick shot.


Selfie shots require narrower lighting because the phone is much closer to the picture’s subject — meaning you or your friends in group shots. That’s why the selfie ring lights are smaller.

Conversely, the 10-inch version will be more useful when it comes to conference calls in bad lighting and other uses of your laptop camera, seeing as they’re big enough to be useful on devices that are farther away.

Whichever one you get, though — you’re sure to raise the bar on your smartphone photography by a lot!

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