How to choose the Best Ring Light for your needs?

Choosing the Best Ring Light can be challenging.

There are so many options on the market, and a quick Google search could overwhelm you.There are hundreds of companies selling different sizes and different materials. It can leave you with a headache, and it’s easy to purchase the wrong choice to suit your requirements.However, this article will give you an insight into buying the Best Ring Light and why those are excellent for you!

Why should you buy a ring light?

Many people wonder whether it’s worth purchasing a ring light. They can be more costly than regular lights, and they can be a significant investment for many people.However, ring lights have an incredible array of advantages over regular lights. There are a vast array of people who benefit from using circular lights.

Makeup artists

Makeup artists need phenomenal lighting to perform their job. They need an intense lighting that shows the client’s face, and they can take before and after pictures to help with company marketing.


If you’re someone who loves to create videos for personal or social media purposes, you’ll need high-quality lighting. Ring lights are fantastic for YouTubers. They can transform the quality of a video and make the video content look professional.


If you’re an amateur photographer or a professional photographer, you’ll love circular and balanced illumination. Do you like to take photographs inside and outside?If so, upgrading your lighting will enhance your photography in various settings. Ring lights are also perfect for Instagram influencers.

Event organizers

If you’re organizing a wedding, a sporting event, or a theater production, ring lights can transform your event. That is the reason so many event organizers invest into a good lighting.If your event has a photography booth, a ring light will offer better pictures for your guests.


Many hairstylists enjoy using ring lights because they can showcase their fantastic work. The increased lighting enables the hairstylist to perform to the best of their ability.Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter if you don’t fall into any of these categories because great lighting will benefit you in many situations.

Ring light for iphone
Ring light for iphone

How do I know I’m purchasing a good ring light?

If you’re investing money, you want to know that you’re purchasing the Best Ring Light. There are many things to look at out for when buying one, and here are some of the things you should consider.

Choose correct size

If you’re wondering whether the size of the ring light is important, the answer is yes.Will you travel with the ring light? If so, you need a portable light that is suitable for travel. The lighting should also have the option of a travel case.If you need a stronger light for a more professional studio look, you should choose a larger LED light. Different sizes include 10, 14, and 18 inches, and your choice of size depends on your work.

Does the light have a high CRI?

If you have a high CRI value, your light will appear more clear and natural. It would help if you looked for CRI levels between 90 to 95.Sometimes the listing doesn’t state the CRI value. That’s usually because the product uses lower quality lighting.YouTubers and photographers should choose the highest CRI possible.

Best Ring Light for photography
Best Ring Light for photography

Does the ring light have LED bulbs?

If you’re buying a ring light, you want an LED bulb because they are the most effective lights. Plus, if you want a light that will last for hundreds of hours, you should opt for LED lighting option.

Does it have adjustable color temperature and adjustable lighting power?

There are products with adjustable light power and adjustable color temperature. These are ideal for those who need alternate lighting power for various environments.Social media content creators love lights with adjustable color temperature and adjustable lighting power.

What support system does the LED light need?

You should consider what type of support system the ring light requires. Some  have a clip-on system, which you can attach to many objects. But a light with an adjustable tripod is beneficial to users working in diverse places.Ideally, you want to own one with a steady and firm stand because it’s easier to use and more durable.

Does it have a flexible neck?

If you’re a videographer or photographer, you’ll love the ability to rotate the neck to the perfect position. It gives the creator more control over the content and is a fantastic addition to a ring light.

Kodak Ring Light for Product photography
Kodak Ring Light for Product photography

Should you get an LED Ring Light or a fluorescent?

One of the most popular questions people have is LED vs. fluorescent?If you’re looking for a portable option, you should opt for an LED. They sometimes don’t need a power outage, and you can use batteries or charge them via USB.Led lights are less fragile and easy to move, and if you’re looking for a better environmental option, you’ll also prefer LEDs.In most cases, you should choose LED over a fluorescent light because of the added benefits and duration.

Light ring with webcam

Which Ring Light is a fantastic option?

There are many great products on the market, but the Kodak Ring Light 10” has some tremendous benefits over its rivals. Many people regard it as high quality and easy to use solution that covers all needs.The Kodak Ring Light 10” is ideal for travelers because it comes with a durable travel case. It is also 10 inches in diameter, so it’s easy to move around.Videographers and photographers will enjoy the adjustable tripod options. The Kodak Ring Light 10” also has a camera and smartphone-operated system.

Also it is USB-powered and doesn’t need a power outlet. If you’re a professional or using the Kodak lighting for everyday use, the Kodak Ring Light 10” is a great option if you’re looking for a adjustable tripod and medium sized light.


Final Thoughts

Looking for a reliable light is sometimes time-consuming and tiresome. With that said, there are many excellent options on the market.Kodak’s products are higher quality compared to regular lights, and they can help many professionals add value to their clients and customers.They are truly worth the investment.

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