Better light for video conferencing – Ring Light will become your new best friend.

Kodak Ring Light used in video conference

The Kodak Ring Light 10” is one of the best ring light for video conferencing and laptop usage because it offers evenly illuminated light. It can also work well with smartphone photos and videos, so it’s a very versatile item. You’ll even out harsh shadows, and skin tones will look more smooth and illuminated. The best part about using a ring light for a laptop is that it adds a lot of energy and adds a more professional feel overall.If you’re not surewhat a ring light is or whether it can work for you, check out some of the before and after photos using one of the best ring lights.

The Kodak Ring Light 10” is one of the best ring lights available because of its adjustability. The aluminum alloy tripod allows you to adjust the light’s height to match your sitting height and position. No weird, harsh lighting here, just smooth and even tones!

Pro tip: If you wear glasses, Ring Lights may lead to additional glare. You can avoid this by changing the light’s angle by raising it to its maximum height or placing it on the side rather than directly behind you.

How to use a ring light for laptop

Operating the Kodak Ring Light is super easy. There are three different color balances available to match your skin tone, and you can adjust the light output power. The variety of settings ensures that you’ll get the perfect lighting for your needs, making it one of the best ring lights available. Once you’re ready, just plug the USB plug into a 5V/2A output socket, and you are good to go.Another significant benefit of using the Kodak 10´´Ring Light is that it is compatible with any webcam with a ¼ inch tread. It also works with pretty much all modern smartphone models and DSLR cameras. Done for the day? Don’t worry, you won’t face any storage issues with this ring light. The Kodak Ring Light 10” packs away smoothly into its Travel case, ready for another day.
Watch our instructional video on how to setup and adjust Kodak Ring Light 10″.

What is the best ring light for video conferencing and home office?

Whether you’re looking for the best lighting for Zoom meetings or seeking a ring light for your laptop to add some general lighting, you can’t go wrong with the Kodak Ring Light 10”. It has been specifically designed for the home office to give your video conferences a professional look.Here are a few reasons why the Kodak Ring Light 10” is the best ring light for Zoom video conferences and online meetings:

Even look

Designed to make your videos and photos come out vibrant, this is one of the best ring lights if you’re looking to reduce harsh tones and shadows in your online conferences and have a more even and smooth look overall. It can make a big difference to your video conferences’ overall professional feel, which is always great.

Professional quality

The Kodak Ring Light 10” is a good choice for your home office because it offers professional, high-quality lighting. Many lighting solutions use low-quality led’s or don’t have enough settings to work with different skin tones. However, the Kodak Ring Light 10” has superior light quality, and it’s easily adjustable so that it will work in many kinds of home setups.

Easy to use

Lastly and most importantly, the Kodak Ring Light 10” is one of the easiest ring lights to use! As a lighting for Zoom meetings or your laptop, it has a convenient setup and enough features that you’ll get much usage from it. With the adjustable tripod, you’ll have it ready to go in no time. Checkout our blog post on how to use the Kodak Ring Light 10” next!

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