Best Ring Light For Teaching and Coaching

Best ring light for teaching and online coaches

Choosing the best ring light can be an enormous challenge because there are endless options. There are hundreds of options with unlimited specifications and so many designs, styles, and sizes. If you’re not careful, it could leave you overwhelmed!


Nonetheless, if you’re a teacher – a ring light is essential. Since the pandemic began, virtual learning has become commonplace, and having a ring light can improve your teaching. North American teachers often teach in the early morning, meaning there’s no natural light, and teachers need an excellent lighting source!


So if you’re a teacher, here are the best options for you!


Importance of lighting in Zoom meetings

A ring light can make a massive difference to any online meeting because it will enhance your face, surroundings, and background. It’s not always about looking good, but it’s more about people being able to see your face clearly. If the people in your online meeting can’t see your face correctly, it can spoil the meeting and make you seem unprofessional.


It’s normal to feel nervous before an important online meeting, but you want to feel as confident as humanly possible. If you have high-quality lighting in Zoom meetings, you can be sure that you will provide an excellent video conference that showcases your communication and professional skills.


In addition, the level of engagement decreases when the lighting in Zoom meetings is poor. You have various issues when you’re in an online meeting, such as sound issues, terrible background noise, and internet problems – you really don’t want poor lighting on top of those issues.


Furthermore, if you have a long online meeting, you might struggle with eye strain. The world has been virtual since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and suffering from eye strain due to long days of video calling can become commonplace. However, if you have excellent lighting in Zoom meetings, you will not have to worry about giving participants eye strain because you will be easy to see and understand.



Best ring light for teaching

Online teachers must have an excellent ring light for teaching, and teachers need ring lights that offer a vast array of benefits. In addition, the ring light should have adjustable lighting options to change the light quality depending on the situation. For example, if you’re in a room with almost zero natural light, you’ll need the best ring light for teaching with natural light options.


Also, teachers need a ring light that has lots of brightness. Therefore, an LED ring light is far better than standard bulbs because it will give teachers the extra lighting to deliver a high-quality lesson. Teachers also want a ring light that doesn’t take up too much space and offers users easy usage. Therefore, it’s essential to buy a ring light that is small, compact, and will fit nicely next to your smartphone, tablet, and computer as you teach your students. Finally, teachers don’t want ring lights that are hard-to-use and difficult to switch on and off, so it’s crucial that the ring light has simple instructions and is easy to change during lessons without distracting the students.

Video conferencing light in work from home setup and ring light for teaching

Kodak Ring Light for teachers

The Kodak Ring Light is absolutely perfect for teachers and teaching students online. If you’re looking for the best ring light for teaching with endless benefits, this ring light is for you. The ring light is completely portable, so you can travel with the ring light and teach from any location.


Moreover, the ring light doesn’t require a direct mains socket because it’s powered by USB. Many teachers hate having to rely on a nearby mains socket for their ring light because it means you might have to move your desk, buy an extension lead, and move your light around. However, the Kodak Ring Light works with a power bank or a USB-AC Plug.


Teachers love having a light that is adjustable and able to move around depending on the situation. The Kodak Ring light has a fully adjustable tripod, meaning you can adjust the tripod depending on the height of your desk and chair. That means you’ll always get the best lighting angle for your teaching needs.


Teachers really need excellent lighting, especially if they are teaching any foreign language. If you’ve ever learned a language, you’ll know that understanding phonics and pronunciation is one of the most critical aspects. The Kodak Ring light has world-class adjustable lighting options to ensure that you never have to worry about poor lighting on your face.


If you’re traveling and staying in hotels, you might be worried – and rightly so – about poor lighting in hotel rooms. When you have a ring light, you’ll never have to worry about poor lighting again.



Kodak Ring Light Features and Benefits

●       120 powerful individual LED’s

Teachers who need the extra light boost in the mornings or evenings will love the 120 powerful individual LEDs that pack an enormous punch! It doesn’t matter where you’re teaching; you’ll have enough light to provide a high-quality lesson to your students. Plus, you won’t have to worry about dark hotel rooms if you’re teaching while traveling.

●       Adjustable Color balance

It could be challenging to find the perfect color balance when you’re teaching, but the Kodak Ring Light offers an adjustable color balance to teachers. You can change the lighting to a warm, natural, and cool balance. Furthermore, the CRI 92 will allow teachers to enjoy a natural look on any skin tone. As a result, you’ll look highly professional in any room or environment!

●       Durable Tripod

The Kodak Ring Light has a durable aluminum allow tripod, making the light extremely durable and sturdy in any environment. Therefore, if you’re traveling while you teach, you don’t have to worry about breaking your light once you put it in the suitcase.

●       Universal smartphone holder

The Kodak Ring Light offers an excellent universal smartphone holder, and this is ideal for travelers who use their smartphone device to teach. In addition, many online teaching companies (such as Palfish) run their operations from smartphone apps. Therefore, if you’re working for a teaching company that runs through a smartphone, the Kodak Ring Light is the best ring light for teaching!

●       Compact design

The Kodak Ring Light has a fantastic compact design, making the light ideal for teachers taking the ring light with them on their travels. The ring light measures 10” in diameter, so it’s ideal for placing in your hand luggage, and it won’t take too much space on your desk!

●       Bluetooth shutter

The Kodak Ring Light comes with a Bluetooth shutter that’s ideal for controlling your light remotely. In addition, the remote that is attached to the power cord enables you to control the ring light. Therefore, switching the light on and off is effortless.

●       USB Plug 5V/2A

The Kodak Ring Light includes a USB plug, making it ideal to use in any location. For example, the USB plug enables teachers to charge a power bank and use the light in your car, hotel room, airport lounge, back garden, library, and so much more because you don’t need a plug socket nearby!

●       Adjustable power

The Kodak Ring Light has an adjustable power option, allowing teachers to adjust the power from 10 percent to 100 percent. Teachers need a ring light that will enable them to change the power depending on the time of the day, and the Kodak Ring Light is absolutely perfect for that!

●       Adjustable tripod 

The Kodak Ring Light has an adjustable tripod, perfect for any teacher that teaches any subject. It doesn’t matter what your location is because teachers can’t adjust the tripod to offer the ideal angle. Many online teachers suggest the best camera location is eye-level to provide the most personal teaching experience, and teachers can adjust the ring light to eye level at any time.


Final Thoughts

The Kodak Ring Light is the best ring light for teaching because it offers teachers flexibility, durability, stability, versatility, and teachers can take it anywhere in the world! Teachers never have to worry about having poor lighting, running out of batteries, or running out of power again because this ring light ticks all the boxes.



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