The Kodak Ring Light Mini

The Kodak Ring Light Mini

The Kodak Ring Light Mini

It’s here! The Kodak Ring Light Mini, perfect light for taking selfies with your phone, Facetiming your friends, and for overall social media photography. A true must-have for every Instagram influencer and TikToker. 


What is a selfie ring light?

Briefly, a selfie ring light is a small-sized circular lighting tool that, due to its shape, evenly illuminates the subject of a close-up photo or video. A Ring Light produces soft, direct light on a subject, minimizing shadows. Other light sources may produce brilliant lighting on some parts of a subject while leaving others in harsh shadow. The function of the Ring Light is to provide uniform and attractive light on surfaces and objects.

Normal ring light sizes are from 10 to 18 inches but selfie ring lights are smaller pocket-sized lights specifically made for on-the-go and mobile usage. Therefore smaller selfie ring lights are very popular among influencers, Facetimers, beauty professionals, and TikTokers.

Why should I get one?

Getting a Kodak Ring Light Mini for yourself can be the best thing to happen to your content creation and smartphone photography because every one of us faces common issues with lighting conditions because we can’t control the natural sunlight. Three typical issues are that there is no light, the light source is low quality or there is too much light that comes from a nonoptimal direction.

What a selfie ring light does is that it eliminates harsh shadows by illuminating your face evenly. Also, the soft light quality reduces blemishes and makes your eyes look stunning. Nobody wants to look bad on their selfies and that is the reason selfie ring lights exist. The ring light effect makes you look awesome and attractive by producing optimal lighting conditions in every situation and tackling the most common lighting issues. Furthermore, it is very easy to carry with you anywhere you go and the high-quality color accuracy and adjustable color balance makes it extremely versatile.

Every girl knows how it feels to “glow” in selfies, The Kodak Ring Light Mini will become your new best friend when wanting to take stunning photos. Getting a Kodak Ring Light Mini means that you have a personal photographer optimizing lighting conditions for you, anywhere and anytime.

How Can I Use It?

High-quality, adjustable, and small-sized Ring Light is very useful in various situations. There are many professionals, influencers, casual Facetimers, and TikTokers who have discovered the difference a simple selfie ring light can make.


Examples of how you can use a selfie ring light

  • Instagram Selfies and Social media photography
  • Beauty and Makeup application
  • Food photography
  • Mobile live streaming
  • Facetiming and video calls

Perfect Selfie Ring Light

The Kodak Ring Light Mini is a pocket-sized on-the-go light for selfies, video calls, and YouTube content. Designed to easily go with you anywhere you go while still giving you professional results and perfect light, every time.

Measuring at 4 inches / 10 cm in diameter, it has 50 individual LED’s, and the color accuracy is adjustable from 3500K to 8000K. The Ring Light Mini is as adjustable as Kodak Ring Light 10”, you can adjust the lighting power and color accuracy for different situations and lighting conditions. The Kodak Ring Light Mini works also with a laptop! It is a great on-the-go solution for professionals who are spending their typical workday in video conferences but can’t carry a bigger ring light with them.

The Kodak Ring Light Mini is very easy to use and easy to assemble, and also compatible with all smartphones devices and laptops. The light is attached by a clip so it is very easy to clip on and remove after usage. All you need to do is to clip on your selfie ring light over your phone the way that the camera and all its sensors are in the middle of the ring light. Furthermore, the 1,5h running time ensures that you won’t run out of power when hosting a live stream or having a long Facetime conversation with your friend.


Works with multiple devices

Smartphones - Cameras - Laptops

Enter The Official Kodak Ring Light Store and get yourself a Kodak Ring Light Mini.

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