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Ring light for video conferencing

The importance of lighting in video conferencing

The growing popularity of video calls has rapidly made them an essential part of doing business today. Video conferencing has proven to be an effective and excellent way to communicate quickly and easily with every corner of the globe.

It has revolutionized the way we work by eliminating the need for people in different locations to travel just to have a brief meeting. Gone are the days of wasting so much money and man-hours on business flights, rental cars, and hotels.

That is why video conferencing has become such a popular tool that many businesses have adopted because of the convenience factor. And that is especially true with the rise of flexible working arrangements and location-free jobs.

But of course, as this new type of communication replaces more and more face-to-face meetings, it has brought its challenges along. One of them is the often poor lighting in the room where the video conferencing meeting is taking place. That is the reason the lighting problem must be solved with a specific video conferencing light.

Common lighting problems in Video conferences

Unfortunately, the lighting problems that are so common in video conferences often make it tricky to see participants’ faces clearly, and this significantly reduces the quality and effectiveness of the video conferences.

  • Dark and blurry image is always a bad thing, people can’t see each other clearly on their screens.
  • If there is too much light, it can make everyone squint or even get headaches from the glare off their computer screens.
  • Fluorescent lights or ceiling lights might not be a great light source (which often happens when working from home or calling in from an office), because these bright lights will blind them for most of the call. And when people are backlight, other participants struggle to make out their facial expressions.

You want other people to see you in your best light while participating in one-on-one or group conversations on video conferences. And to achieve this, they need to be able to look at your face clearly without having extra lighting shining directly towards them from behind or having dark shadows all over your face, distorting your features.

Video conferencing can already be taxing enough on the eyes as we’re staring at a screen, so we don’t want to add more problems by making it difficult for others to pick up subtle facial expressions when there is poor lighting quality. And we don’t want people to be so distracted by the bad image that they struggle to focus on what we are saying.

If we want video conferencing to be the future and to replace unnecessary face-to-face meetings, it is essential that we ensure the quality of the experience. Attendants need to be able to clearly see everything that is going on, including all the subtleties of non-verbal communication, so they can feel like they have a more personal interaction.

For this, it is critical that you have the right lighting in your office or home environment. Also it is critical that the light is specifically made to perform as video conferencing light, not just a basic table lamp which’s main function is lighting up the workspace.

What does the “right” lighting mean? It means enough even light so that people can be seen without shadows from one side blotting out a portion of their face, but not too much where it’s glaringly bright or dark spots interrupt your view.

You want lighting that is pleasant and easy on the eyes while at the same time faithfully reproducing your facial expressions and enhancing the quality of the overall video conferencing experience.

Light ring with webcam

The importance of video conferencing light to look professional

If you are looking for a professional and credible look for yourself, good light quality will be crucial in achieving that goal in online meetings.

The quality of light can affect how people perceive our appearance, which impacts their impression of us and even what we are saying.

Having good lighting will make it easier for others to see who we are, hear everything that we are saying, and assist with eye contact both ways – ours with them, theirs with us.

Another reason why lighting makes us look more professional is that it helps us be more comfortable, making us feel more confident. If we’re more confident, we’ll be better able to articulate what we are thinking and saying, helping communication and showing a high level of professionalism.

Improve video quality through great lighting

Great lighting goes hand in hand with excellent video quality. With the right light, we can see everyone’s faces clearly, and you’re able to focus on their expressions. This high level of definition is especially important for customer service agents, sales reps, or anyone who needs to establish an emotional connection to the people they are talking to.

The right types of lights can also help improve mood and prevent eye strain among participants. And making your participants more comfortable will add value to the overall success rate of your meeting or conversation through video conferencing technology.

By always having the correct lighting setup at hand, you will make sure that the participants are focused on the message and not trying to make out a bad-quality image.

Best ring light for teaching and online coaches
Kodak Ring Light used in webinar

Solutions for better Video conferencing lighting

We’ve seen how important it is to have the proper video conferencing light, but what different lighting options do we have?

More often than not, people don’t think about this until they connect to a meeting, switch their camera on, and are surprised by the bad quality of the image they’re seeing or struggle to recognize themselves.

Let’s go on to look at the different lighting options that we usually have at hand.

Taking advantage of natural lighting for Video conferences

Photographers often spout the virtues of natural light. It’s soft, warm, and flattering to our skin tones. But of course, they have the flexibility to move their subjects as they wish and chose precisely when and where to do their shoot to get optimal sunlight. Video conferencing is a different story altogether.

Natural light is not a reliable source of illumination. That day’s weather or even the passing cloud coverage can affect it significantly. As well as, of course, the amount of sunlight available at a particular hour of the day.

You also don’t have as much control over natural light as you do with artificial light, as you can’t adjust the placement of the light source or the angle to work best for you. Plus, it limits where you can sit and have a video conference, forcing you to work right next to a window if you want to get bright enough light, which might not always be optimal. Also, natural lighting can be harsh to the eye. It may cause glare that makes it hard for others to see what we’re doing on our screen or if they are trying to read something, leading to a frustrating experience when communicating over video.

Using indoor lighting for Video conferences

So if natural lighting isn’t ideal as video conferencing light, we turn to artificial lights. But not all artificial lighting is created equal. Indoor lighting can be a hit and miss.

Many office buildings are illuminated with bright, fluorescent lights, which can be great for certain things, but flattering they are not. They tend to give skin a yellowish tint, which can make us seem sickly and gloomy.

And just like most household lights, they illuminate us from above, creating unwanted harsh shadows on our faces and body. In addition, when dealing with any ceiling light sources that are not portable, they limit what locations we can set up to work from and cause glare, making it distracting and harder to communicate via video chat.

To get past this, we have the option of complementing our ceiling lights (or even natural light) with some portable light sources. But while the use of tabletop or standing lamps will give us more control over the level of lighting we have and make sure we are visible enough, they’re probably still not going to be showing us in our “best light.”

The lights that we already have lying around the house are suitable for an emergency if we have nothing else. But as they are single-point light sources, they will still create uneven lighting, casting hard shadows on our face, which will distort our features and cause a distraction.

That’s where the ring light comes in.

Use Kodak Ring Light in Online Meetings

What are the benefits of using a Ring Light?

There’s a reason why you see all influencers, vloggers, bloggers, tiktokers, and just about everyone on social media using a ring light. Because they provide the most consistent, flattering lighting while being adjustable, portable, and easy to use.

That makes them the best option for video conferencing light.

Ring lights are great for video conferences because they provide even, diffused light across the room. They avoid the visual distraction and unappealing effect of having dark corners and shadows in the background when you’re connected.

As they are specifically designed for this purpose, ring lights create a stunning, flattering effect on the subject. The light is soft and even, meaning it doesn’t create any harsh shadows, which helps to bring our all your features. It also eliminates glare, which often makes it more difficult to see what the screen is displaying.

In addition to providing excellent light coverage with minimal shadowing, ring lights give off zero heat. They have very little noise potential thanks to their design – all positives when creating an intimate environment while communicating over long distances.

The ring light is an LED, so it’s in the correct color temperature for video conferencing. It also illuminates 360 degrees to make sure that everyone can see who they need to see.

They have a low profile, are easy to carry, and have easy installation so that they can be used by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Ring lights can generally be charged from any USB port, and they can be used without a cord. The cordless feature means that if someone needs to step away from their desk during a meeting and take the video elsewhere, there’s no worry of unplugging wires or losing power!

Ring lighting also offers a worry-free, energy-efficient solution because, being LED, there are no bulbs to change, and it has a very low power usage!

Meet the Kodak Ring Light 10″

Specifically designed with professionals in mind, the Kodak Ring Light is everything you need to look your best in your next video conference.

  • Travel friendly. Measuring in at just 10″ in diameter, this ring light is super compact. Made of strong aluminum alloy and supplied with a sturdy carry case, you can easily take it wherever you go.
  • Perfect Size. And at 10″, it’s exactly the right size for video conferencing, where we have a close distance to the camera. Any smaller and the light becomes a single-point source, producing a hard light instead of the flattering soft light we’re looking for. And any bigger, and the ring light loses its ease of portability without any added benefits.
  • Highly compatible. The Kodak Ring Light is compatible with smartphones, cameras, laptops, and just about any device you can think of.
  • Adjustable light. And it’s highly adjustable to make sure it can provide the right lighting for any situation. Its powerful 1800 Lumen output has an adjustable color balance range from 3500 to 5500 Kelvins so that you can find the lighting to match your mood, from a brighter white to a more blueish effect. It allows you to adjust the power too, from 10%-100%.
  • Extra accessories. The Kodak Ring Light comes with its own tripod that can be adjusted from 38cm to 73cm to ensure that it can adapt to different camera options or conferencing settings. And a Bluetooth shutter to allow for easier control.

With the Kodak Ring Light 10″, achieving professional results is now easier than ever. Whether you’re looking for the perfect video conferencing light, quality video production, or hosting live streaming events, the Kodak Ring Light 10″ will take you to the next level.

Works with any device

Smartphones - Cameras - Laptops - Web cams

This Kodak Ring Light 10" is also compatible with all smartphones, making it a hugely versatile device suitable for everyone. Simply adjust the included tripod to your preferred height (38cm - 73cm), switch on, and you’re good to go! 

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