Essential equipment when hosting a webinar – a Professional Ring Light

Kodak Ring Light used in webinar

Why a Professional Ring Light Should Be Top of Your Webinar Hosting Equipment List

Whether a professional webinar host, a teacher, online coach or new to online webinar hosting, online video that looks as polished and professional as possible is the ultimate goal. With the right equipment, this isn’t difficult to achieve.

3 Pieces of Equipment for Professional Results

A high-quality webinar begins with a high quality set up. How a webinar ultimately displays for an audience and keeps them interested means choosing the best quality production equipment. This includes webinar lighting, webcam and microphone. Get these wrong and the entire production could fail.

The Webcam

The camera is one of the main pieces of equipment needed for hosting webinars, video conferences or running online courses.Although most computers have built in web cameras, they don’t always give the best quality output and also don’t allow for much flexibility in terms of angle and view.Training events and professional webinars require high-quality video outputs. A blurry, out of focus or poor-quality image can quite literally ruin the presentation and overall image of the company or person presenting.A dedicated, quality web camera will also offer high resolution and a host of better features, ideal for creating a webinar that looks professional.When choosing the best webcam for online video, have a look at webcams with different resolutions, feature sets and prices based on the content to be displayed whether streaming games, creating content or working from home.Things to look for when choosing an external webcam

  • Easy USB connection
  • High resolution starting from 1080p up to 4K
  • Check the frames per second (fps) is 30 or above for a smooth video
  • Ability to move the viewing angle
Zoom webcam for online meetings

The Microphone

As important as image quality is quality of sound, especially for online training and online webinars with lots of important content. Not being able to hear clearly, too much background noise and words being dropped are sure ways for people to choose to quit a webinar.Although most computers and also webcams come with an inbuilt microphone, a standalone microphone improves sound quality, cancels out background noise, especially useful if not recording in a quiet room, removes hissing and other annoying noises and helps with better voice control and projection.

Webinar host talking to high quality microphone

a Professional Ring Light

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make a great impression is with the correct webinar lighting. Without proper lighting equipment a speaker can end up looking washed out, hidden in shadow or just plain unappealing. And the best way to create a professional, well-lit look is with a professional ring light.While sunshine and natural light may seem tempting and an easy solution, not only can it change or disappear in a second it requires plenty of work to get the angles and shadows right when working with natural light alone. A professional ring light can help create that consistent good light in just a few steps.The best conditions for shooting webinars and online content are the ones in which you have the most control. Lighting is too important to leave to chance. Create the best possible environment with proper video conferencing lighting such as an LED ring light.

How a Quality Lighting Can Make All the Difference

A professional ring light has many advantages over other webinar lighting solutions. Its biggest benefit is that is casts an even light onto the subject being filmed, be it food, products or a webinar speaker.Even light is particularly useful for webinar talks and online courses as it reduces shadows on the face and gives it an even look. A clearer face is easier for people to watch and looks more professional, helping to gain the trust of viewers instantly.

Webinar and online meeting setup including ring light

Setting Up a Ring Light for Professional Video Conferencing and Content

While creating an expert look, a ring light or ring light with stand is actually very simple and easy to use. Just power up, position – around your camera and usually directly in front of the face – and adjust color balance and brightness as needed.Choosing a top-quality professional ring light like the Kodak Ring Light comes with its advantages. A variety of settings makes it easy to adjust and find the right light output power to find that lighting sweet spot. Play with the color temperature to create either a cool, expert look or a warmer, trustworthy look.A top tip is to keep the LED ring light about 2 feet in front of you for a clear, bright and crisp video quality. The Kodak ring light comes with an adjustable stand making it really easy to position the light exactly as needed and keep it in place during recording.

Using a Ring Light for Best Effect

Position the ring light directly in front of the subject with the camera right in its center.Keeping the ring light quite close to the face will help light up the entire face and create a direct line of view with the audience and help create a sense of authority and reassurance.When recording, look directly into the camera without worrying about where the best light is. Viewers want to be able to look a host straight in the eye.For people wearing glasses, the ring light with stand may need to be positioned a bit to the side to avoid the reflection of the light in the glasses.

Why Choose The Kodak Ring Light

At just 10” in diameter the Kodak Ring Light is super compact and easy to use in almost any setting, especially for video conferencing and webinars.It may be small but with 1800 lumen output it offers great evenly illuminated light to make video content look professional. Compatible with any webcam, most modern smartphones and DSLR cameras, it comes with an adjustable stand for better control and packs into a neat travel case, transforming any space into a dedicated studio when needed. The Kodak Ring Light is the new norm in online meetings.

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