What is a Ring light and how can it be used with online content

Ring Light 10 inches with webcam

Ring Lights: What They Are and How to Use Them

These days, more and more people are regularly filming and uploading content online than ever before. Well what is a Ring Light used for in content creation? Particularly in the wake of the pandemic, sitting down in front of a camera has become a daily routine. Whether you’re a teacher filming a lesson, uploading a makeup tutorial to TikTok, creating a Youtube video or podcast, or just want to look good for your Zoom interview, high quality lighting is the detail that makes the difference between whether you’re presenting your best side.For professional, attractive lighting, consider using a ring light! How it came about, and how you can use it are discussed below.

What is a Ring Light

What is a Ring Light?

It is an easy-to-use lighting tool which reduces shadows and provides uniform light for the subject being filmed. As suggested by its name, one circular light (or many small light bulbs arranged in a ring) form the main body of this device. Both fluorescent and LED ring light are available, depending on preference. They also come in different sizes, such as the smaller selfie ring light, which is used with smartphones.

A Brief History of Ring Lights

It used to be that special lighting for photography and filmography was prohibitively expensive. It was only in use by the professionals in fashion photography, medical photography and so forth. In fact, Lester Dine invented ring light in 1952 for dental photography. As the demand for high quality yet affordable recording equipment  for everyday use (including the cameras on our smartphones) has increased it makes sense that more people are also looking to improve their lighting setup.The concept for the ring lights originally began with the camera flash that everyone is familiar with when a picture is taken. The flash – a light behind the camera, in front of the subject – eliminates unsightly shadows coming from multiple angles, and offers a warm light that looks most flattering to the subject’s skin. The subject is then viewed most clearly and accurately.

Using a Ring Light

The difference between a camera flash and a ring light is that it offers softer, continuous light, allowing the photographer to see how the photograph will look before taking the shot. It also, of course, allows for the same benefits of the camera flash to be applied to film.If you’ve ever watched a video that’s focused primarily on a person’s face, the difference between whether or not they’re using a ring light is immediately apparent. A ring light makes that video much more appealing to viewers. If the recording looks high quality, viewers are more likely to assume that the content itself is also high quality. It shows dedication to the production details. To use, place it in front of the subject so that the camera sets up inside and the ring encircles it. It’s that simple!

KODAK Ring Light 10”

The Kodak Ring Light 10” is the best quality light currently on the market, for everyday filming. It’s a simple to use, convenient and inexpensive way to immediately boost the quality of your videos.This compact light is the perfect choice for people who are looking to film from their desk, as it doesn’t take up the space of a standing ring light. This is especially useful for people who are using their smartphone or small digital camera to film, or who are using an external camera linked to their computer for video conferencing.

Despite being a compact, accessible, everyday ring light option, the Kodak 10” does not skimp on a range of professional quality features. The light output is fully adjustable between 10% and 100% output and has three different colour balances. That way you can optimise the lighting for your individual needs. Additionally, the LED light packs a powerful punch at the highest settings, meaning that you don’t need to choose between convenience and brightness. The Kodak 10” tripod is also adjustable, allowing you to choose the height you use it at.

In the early days of Youtube, most content creators simply filmed in front of a window so that they could be lit by natural light. Hoping for good and flattering light that day, plus only being able to film between certain hours and in certain areas, is a major inconvenience. The addition of a ring light with stand, which uses light specifically designed to mimic the look of natural daylight, easily solves this conundrum. For high-quality, beautiful videos, using it is a simple way to achieve a polished look. It will ensure that you are always at your best and always creating top level content.

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