The optimal Work from Home set up for online meetings – Start using video conference lighting

Video conferencing light in work from home setup and ring light for teaching

How to get started with your work from home set up for online meetings

With the global COVID-19 pandemic currently ongoing, working from home has become the new norm. Whether you work in sales, customer service, government institution, or as a teacher, you’ve most likely needed to work remotely from home and, of course, attend online meetings.Working from home can be productive and liberating, or it can be stressful and frustrating. Many factors will contribute to the success of working from home. A critical aspect of this is how your workspace is set up at home.Ideally, it should include items like a ring light for a laptop and a comfortable desk and chair. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different ways you can upgrade your workspace to get the best quality online meetings and how you can start taking advantage of video conference lighting.

Led ring light with stand for online meetings

Your 2021 remote work checklist

Here is a quick checklist to get started with what you need to look at when improving your online meetings.

  • Internet speed

Nothing is more frustrating than a lag in the video or voice during online meetings. Ensure you are close enough to your internet router and that your internet speed is up to date.

  • Video conference software

Make sure you use good video conference software. Zoom is definitely not the only option out there, and a few good ones are, for example, Google Hangouts, Skype, Teams, FreeConference, and Tandem chat.

  • Webcam

Most new laptops have a decent integrated webcam. However, if you want to look at your best, we recommend using an external webcam that offers 1080p resolution.Pro tip: Don’t want to spend too much on a new webcam? You can also use your smartphone as a webcam! Simple and easy, you can check out this blog post by Wired to learn more!

  • Video conference lighting

None of the above really matters if you have poor lighting at your home office. Without proper lighting for video conferences, you won’t look your best, so you’ll end up insecure of yourself throughout the meeting as you try to fix the lighting. Plus, it can look unprofessional and it may not reflect well when you’re presenting or taking the lead in a meeting.Luckily there are multiple ways to light up your online calls to look better. Our favorite method? Using the best ring light out there, the Kodak Ring Light 10” with stand. It’s simple, convenient, and easy, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Check it out!

How to use a ring light for laptop

Operating the Kodak Ring Light is super easy. There are three different color balances available to match your skin tone, and you can adjust the light output power. The variety of settings ensure that you’ll get the perfect lighting for your needs, making it one of the best ring lights available.Once you’re ready, just plug the USB into a 5V/2A output socket, and you are good to go. Another significant benefit of using the Kodak Ring Light 10” is that it is compatible with any webcam with a ¼ inch tread. It also works with pretty much all modern smartphone models and DSLR cameras.Done for the day? Don’t worry, you won’t face any storage issues with this ring light. The Kodak Ring Light 10” packs away smoothly into its carry case, ready for another day.

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