Kodak Desk Ring Light 10″

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Upgrade your online appearance and feel confident by looking your absolute best in online meetings. The Kodak Desk Ring Light 10" ensures that you'll look sharp, bright, and professional online.

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Video conferencing guide

Want to look professional online?
The Kodak Video Conferencing Lighting Guide will help you to do so. Learn how to get the perfect lighting in online meetings so you can look your best, feel confident and excel professionally.

Order your Kodak Ring Light today and get the Kodak Video Conferencing Lighting Guide (PDF) for FREE.

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Feel Confident In Your Online Meetings

High video quality goes hand-in-hand with great lighting. Stand out in your video calls by looking sharp, bright, and professional. Are you ready to make everlasting first impressions?

Bring Out The Best In You

Feel Confident In Your Video Calls

Eliminate all unwanted shadows and make the video appear vibrant and crystal clear. The Kodak Desk Ring Light 10" ensures that you look sharp, bright, and professional.

Leave Everlasting Impressions

Stand Out In Your Online Meetings

Lighting is like a makeup for video. The Kodak Desk Ring Light 10" is the easiest way to upgrade your online appearance.

Ring Light For Video Conferences

Workspace Optimised

Designed For Every Office Desk

The Kodak Desk Ring Light 10", an essential accessory for every professional spending their time in online meetings. Fits every desk due to its compact size. 


Package Includes

  • 10-inch Ring Light
  • Adjustable desk stand
  • Smartphone clamp
  • External webcam attaching screw
  • Light controller with USB plug (5V/2A)


Does it come with a remote?

Yes. The bluetooth remote allows you to operate your smartphone camera (remote triggering), and the remote attached to the power cord allows you to operate the Ring Light.

Is kodakringlight.com an official Kodak store?

Yes. The Kodak trademark, logo and trade dress are used under license from Kodak. The Kodak Ring Light is a combined production of Kodak and Eye Caramba Ltd, produced under the Kodak license. You can also see the Kodak Ring Light listed on the official Kodak website at https://www.kodak.com/

I wear glasses, will the light be reflected on my glasses when on video calls?

If you wear glasses, Ring Lights may lead to additional glare if the light comes directly from the front. You can avoid this by changing the light’s angle by raising it to its maximum height or placing it on the side rather than directly in front of you.

Is it wireless?

No. The light needs to be connected to a USB 5V/2A output socket in order to operate. Please note that if you wish to use a standard socket for powering your Ring Light you need to have a USB adapter, for example any smartphone charger will do the trick.

What is the height of the ring light?

The maximum height of the tripod (including the ring light is) 73cm / 28 inches and minimum of 38cm / 15 inches.

Can I use it outdoors?

While using the Kodak Ring Light 10'' outdoors is possible if you have a sufficient power source, however the product is designed to be used indoors and therefore we do not guarantee usage in rugged or wet conditions.

How long does the battery last?

The ring light has no external battery, and can only be used when plugged into a power source. The Bluetooth shutter remote battery last for approximately one year.

How do I use the Kodak Ring Light 10''?

You can follow the below instructions for basic usage of the product.

  1. Plug the power cord to USB adapter
  2. Press ON/0FF button found in the light controller to turn the light on
  3. Press + to increase light output power
  4. Press – to decrease light output power
  5. Press -> <- to toggle between color temperature modes
  6. After using the product, always turn it off and do not leave unattended
  7. Let light cool for 10minutes before packing away

See our how to blog post for additional information!

Can I plug it in my laptop?

You can plug the ring light into your laptop, but we generally do not recommend to do this since not all laptops are capable of outputting enough power, which might cause overheating.

Will it provide enough lighting without additional light sources?

Kodak Ring Light 10'' is optimised to be used on desk and it is powerful enough to be operated as the main source of light. However, if you wish to take photos or video further away from the subject, additional lighting is recommended. 

Can I adjust the brightness levels?

Yes. There are 10 different brightness levels to choose from.

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