Kodak Ring Light Mini 4″

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Bring out the best in you with the Kodak Ring Light Mini. This pocket-sized ring light transforms the way you look in your online meetings and selfies.

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Video conferencing guide

Want to look professional online?
The Kodak Video Conferencing Lighting Guide will help you to do so. Learn how to get the perfect lighting in online meetings so you can look your best, feel confident and excel professionally.

Order your Kodak Ring Light today and get the Kodak Video Conferencing Lighting Guide (PDF) for FREE.

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Take Your Online Appearance To The Next Level

This pocket-sized Kodak Ring Light Mini 4" takes your online appearance to the next level. The images and videos you take will appear vibrant and crystal-clear.

Take Stunning Selfies

The Kodak Ring Light Mini 4" guarantees crystal-clear pictures without having to spend a lot of money on photography equipment. Super easy to use with quick clip-on attaching.

Works With Multiple Devices

The Kodak Ring Light Mini reduces harsh shadows with the soft and even illumination. Use it with smartphones, laptops, tablets, and slim desktop displays.

Take It With You

Optimal for travelling due to its small size and 90-minute running time. Bring out the best in you even while on the go with the Kodak Ring Light Mini 4".

Main Features

Works with multiple devices

Smartphones - Cameras - Laptops - Slim Displays - Tablets

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Alek V.

It works well. Easy to recharge. Different light settings.

I accidentally ordered two instead of one, but it means I've got a Xmas gift to give out its that good. I've had other lights before, but this Kodak one is the best so far

Anne T.

Small and easy to use on phone and laptop.

I bought it for use on the phone but I find it work well on the Mac too. I am very satisfied.

FAQ - Kodak Ring Light Mini 4"

Is kodakringlight.com an official Kodak store?

Yes. The Kodak trademark, logo and trade dress are used under license from Kodak. The Kodak Ring Light is a combined production of Kodak and Eye Caramba Ltd, produced under the Kodak license. You can also see the Kodak Ring Light listed on the official Kodak website at https://www.kodak.com/

How can I charge the Kodak Ring Light Mini?

The light is charged with USB-C plug and needs to be connected to a power adapter in order to charge effectively. 

How to use the Kodak Ring Light Mini?

You can follow the below instructions for basic usage of the product.

  1. Press and hold the ON/OFF button to turn the light on
  2. Press + to increase light output power
  3. Press – to decrease light output power
  4. Press the ON/OFF button to switch the color temperature modes
  5. After using the product, always turn it off and do not leave unattended
Can I use the Kodak Ring Light Mini while charging?

Yes, you can use the Kodak Ring Light Mini 4" while its plugged in and charging.

How long does the battery last?

The Kodak Ring Light Mini's battery duration is approximately 90minutes. You can also use it while charging.

I wear glasses, will the light be reflected on my glasses when on video calls?

If you wear glasses, Ring Lights may lead to additional glare if the light comes directly from the front. You can avoid this by changing the light’s angle by raising it to its maximum height or placing it on the side rather than directly in front of you.

Can I use Kodak Ring Light Mini outdoors?

Yes, you can use the Kodak Ring Light Mini 4" outdoors but avoid cold, hot, and rainy weather. We do not guarantee usage in rugged or wet conditions.

Can I adjust the brightness levels?

Yes, you can adjust the brightness level by pressing + and - buttons.

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