The Kodak Ring Light aims to bring you the perfect video conferencing solutions for modern requirements – with the trusted, time tested and well known high quality we have always stood for.

I already recommended this light to a couple of my customers. Because I teach them how to sell remote. Kodak Ring Light provides them a better look in front of the camera. 

Tarek A.

The Dream Setup

How does your dream video call setup look like?

A light for your needs

Kodak Ring Light 10"

An easy-to-use professional light solution for online video calls, YouTube content or product photography. Elegantly designed not just to look great but also to easily blend in, in any professional environment.

Kodak Ring Light Mini 4"

A pocket sized on-the-go light for selfies, video calls and YouTube content. Designed to easily go with you anywhere you go while still giving you professional results.

What is a Ring Light?

A Ring Light is a wide circular light that – due to it’s size and shape – evenly illuminates the subject of a close-up photo or video. Ring lights are popular in video conferences, Youtube videos and portrait photography.

A Ring Light produces soft, direct light on a subject, minimizing shadows. Other light sources may produce brilliant lighting on some parts of a subject while leaving others in harsh shadow. A Ring Light is a bigger light source that – when properly set up on its light stand – provides uniform and attractive light on the surfaces that are lit.

Look professional

Looking sharp is the norm in any business meeting, so why not look your best in online meetings as well? 

Healthy and vibrant looking skin, clear features, less wrinkles, well lit eyes, natural colours – all these factors will make you look sharp, credible and professional in any video call.

Office and indoors light

Indoor lighting typically comes from the top or the back which creates harsh shadows on your face. Your face will not be illuminated evenly and thus gives less lifelike results. As Ring Light is a large light source directed from the front, it illuminates your entire face evenly with soft light. 

Low light or not enough light

Sometimes there is simply not enough light for the camera to render a good video image and the image usually appears too dark and very noisy.

Specifically built for modern needs

The Kodak Ring Light is an easy-to-use professional light solution for online video calls, youTube content or product photography.  Elegantly designed not just to look great but to also easily blend in, in any professional environment.

Trusted by Thousands of Professionals

Thousands of business professionals and companies use our products daily in their video conferences and online meetings.

Quality of the product

The KRL has been designed with professionals in mind. Quality of this light is second to none.

Mark A.

Quality en designer

High quality, beautiful designer, beautiful color and best of all the suitcase allows you to organize the pieces well and transport them out. I am very happy with my purchase. I had no problems with tracking or delivery. simply top and high quality. light to carry out or even travel.

Revina T.


The quality of the stand, the design and the case.

I get a lot of compliments on the aluminum material, the adjusting lights are very natural, the case is durable for travel. It’s world class.

Rick G.

I thought the price was very attractive for a well known brand. I am delighted to own the ring light. It is easy to carry, with the case, and easy to set up and use, both with phone and DSLR camera. I would recommend it!

Stu B.

I love this product and have recommended it to friends and professional associates, almost immediately after the first use

Charlotte G.

Kodak Ring Light products

The ultimate light for video conferences, Youtube videos, vlogs, and other online content.

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Pocketable light for portraits, selfies, online meetings and makeup.

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